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About Institute

The General Telecommunication Institute (GTI)

The GTI is a Deeply Rooted Gate in the World of Telecommunication & Information Technology … Experience in Introducing Knowledge .. Qualification & Excellency in Performance .

The Mission of GTI

Achieving the Excellency in introducing the educational & training services in the field of telecommunication & information technology according to the needs of development to realize the society of information .

The Vision of GTI

The GTI aims with distinguished way to take part in qualifying the youths scientifically and behaviorally to enable them to take part in achieving the objectives of the global development in the country. It also aims to introduce directional training services according to the real needs.


  • 1969 - The Communication School has been opened.
  • 1984 – The General Telecommunication Institute (GTI) was established .
  • 1996 – The GTI was joined to PTC.
  • 2004 - The CISCO Academy was opened at GTI in Coordination with the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) & the American University in Lebanon .
  • 2004 - The GTI was registered as an appointed Agent for E-Learning by TIN-G77
  • 2005 – GTI was registered at UNISCO as a training & testing centre for ICDL
  • 2005 – The GTI has been registered as an agent for RedSOFT ( Regional Center for Development of Educational Software).