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Training Services of GTI

1. Services of Int'l Academies & ICDL.

GTI is officially considered as an appointed centre for the Int'l computer Driving Licence ICDL and its tests. In additions , GTI is an appointed representative of 4 international IT Academies: Cisco Networking Academy, Oracle Academy & ESRI Academy for Geographic Info Systems GIS. These 4 academies offer special training programs targeting public & private sectors and individuals. .

2. Training Services in Modern Telecoms

3. Training Services In Computer Sciences.

4. Int'l Testing Services.

In response to the increasing number of requests submitted by the public & Private sectors, university students and other individuals, the decision of having GTI as an internationally appointed centre has been successfully brought to light. Such a step makes it easier for the trainees to run int'l tests inside Yemen instead of running them abroad. Based on this fact, there are 2 int'lly licensed – testing centres as follows.

Pearson VUE Co. Testing Centre

The trainees are able to carry out their tests in GTI to obtain international recognitions of their certifications. This company also has the right of licensing the testing centres of 48 IT companies worldwide and it is the only company that has the privilege of Oracle & Cisco Networking .

Prometric Testing Centre
The trainees can carry out their tests in GTI to get int'l recognitions of their certifications. The Prometric Co. also has the right to license testing centres of many IT companies through the world and it is the sole company that has the privilege of licensing the testing centres to run the tests of Microsoft. GTI is officially an appointed centre to run Oracle Int'l tests.