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Academies and Centers

Cisco Networking Academy , Yemen( Cisco )

Witnessed the Cisco Networking Academy - Yemen since its inception in March 2003, a significant development where she was chosen by the International Federation for Communications and Cisco to computer networks and the Internet beginning of the year 2005 from among more than 70 academies in the Arab countries and the continent of Africa to teach information technology. And got the Academy Award for best regional academy for the year 2009-2010. While the Cisco Networking Academy Yemen occupied second place in the evaluation of the International Federation after the UAE in the Cisco Networking Academy curriculum for the academic and the teaching techniques and computer networks and the Internet. .More Details

Oracle Academy

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Microsoft Academy

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أكاديمية أزري لأنظمة المعلومات الجغرافية ( ESRI )

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International Computer Driving License (ICDL)

About ICDL The International Driving License (ICDL) is a global program aiming of raising the general level of competence in IT in all sectors of the society and, therefore, promoting life-long E-learning. The program's main objective is to establish a benchmark for basic computer skills giving the opportunity for the Arab population to effectively join the new information age and consequently leading to fulfilling the ultimate objective of computer illiteracy. The ICDL concept is owned by the ICDL/ECDL Foundation, which is a nonprofit organization based in Dublin, Ireland. The Foundation was formed to coordinate the introduction and cooperation of the ICDL/ECDL Concept throughout the world through a network of Licensees . The ICDL has become a widely recognized qualification in both personal and work-related computer use. The Program is currently featured in over 120 countries worldwide and offered in more than 25 languages . In 2004, the number of registrants in the qualification exceeded the 4.6 million mar;, representing the delivery of over 15 million tests, and the number of certified accredited test centers has exceeded 17,000. In the Arab States ,UNESCO Cairo Office rolled the program in 12 Arab States with more than 200,000 registrants , over 500 accredited centers , and more than 50,000 holders of the certification.

Benefits of ICDL:

The ICDL has countless benefits for its holders, organizations, and the society at large. To count a few : ICDL increases knowledge ,Improves jobs prospects and upgrades general IT skills. It also increase productivity , provides a benchmark for employee recruitment , promotion and retention, and measures training results . With ICDL , the IT skills gap may be reduced and new business opportunities created.

Obtaining the ICDL:

The ICDL is awarded upon completion of 7 modules ranging from essential concepts of IT, word-processing and spreadsheets to using E-mail and the internet. Through this modular structure, the ICDL provides a flexible learning approach.

The ICDL 7 Modules:

1. Basic concepts of Information Technology.

2. Using the Computer and Managing Files.

3. Word Processing

4. Spreadsheets

5. Database

6. Presentations

7. Information & Communication

The above Modules can be taken in any order and within the span of three years from the date of the first test. All modules ,except the first one are manifestations of practical skills. The tests are tasks-oriented and one typical of day-to-day computer operations

Centre international test

Pearson VUE Co. Testing Centre

The trainees are able to carry out their tests in GTI to obtain international recognition of their certifications. This company also has the right of licensing the testing centres of 48 IT companies worldwide and it is the only company that has the privilege of Oracle & Cisco Networking .

Prometric Testing Centre

The trainees can carry out their tests in GTI to get int'l recognition of their certifications. The Prometric Co. also has the right to license testing centres of many IT companies through the world and it is the sole company that has the privilege of licensing the testing centres to run the tests of Microsoft. GTI is officially an appointed centre to run Oracle Int'l tests.