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Cisco Networking Academy - Yemen

Witnessed the Cisco Networking Academy - Yemen since its inception in March 2003, a significant development where she was chosen by the International Federation for Communications and Cisco to computer networks and the Internet beginning of the year 2005 from among more than 70 academies in the Arab countries and the continent of Africa to teach information technology.

And got the Academy Award for best regional academy for the year 2009-2010.

While the Cisco Networking Academy Yemen occupied second place in the evaluation of the International Federation after the UAE in the Cisco Networking Academy curriculum for the academic and the teaching techniques and computer networks and the Internet.

Training programs that implement the Cisco Networking Academy here at the Institute

  Course name
280 CCNA Exploration1 :  Network Fundamentals
CCNA Exploration2 :  Routing Protocols and Concepts
CCNA Exploration3 :  LAN Switching and Wireless
CCNA Exploration4 :  Accessing the WAN
280 CCNA Discovery1:Networking for Home and Small Businesses.
CCNA Discovery2:Working at a Small-to-Medium Business or ISP.
CCNA Discovery3:Introducing Routing and Switching in the enterprise.
CCNA Discovery4:Designing and Supporting Computer Networks.
90 ITE1: PC Hardware and Software
70 Fundamentals of Wireless LANs
70 CCNA Security
210 CCNP (ROUTER): Implementing Cisco IP Routing
CCNP (SWITCH): Implementing Cisco Switched Networks
CCNP(TSHOOT): Troubleshooting and Maintaining Cisco IP Networks