General Telecom Institute

The General Telecom Institute leads the lead in training and education through excellence in providing training programs in accordance with international standards and specifications.

Cisco Academy

Yemen Cisco Academy is the first academy in Yemen which you can learn about the networks devices from the worldwide leader company called CISCO.

Oracle Academy

Oracle Academy is a qualitative addition to the Institute's training programs since 2006, became the Institute provides training programs for Oracle and competitive prices.

Microsoft IT Academy

General Telecommunications Institute a member of the Academy under the Microsoft and membership of the Institute can do the training materials are eligible for certification approved by Microsoft

International Computer Driving License

Become ICDL computer recognized benchmark for determining the level of mastery of skills, users of information technology solutions

ESRI Academy (GIS)

Became the Institute-General for Communications center supported by the ESRI company specializing in geographic information systems ((GIS under the Convention signed between the parties in 07/25/2009 for the implementation of all training programs for systems and programs of all the GIS.

International Test Centre

The idea of a built-General for Communications Institute as a licensed tests because most trainees government agencies, private and university students want to get the internationally recognized certification and any point of training is accredited as testing better than any point of training is not supported.

Institute team

Identify the persons engaged in the Institute, and identify the cause of success and excellence.


Whether you attend one of our campuses or take advantage of our convenient online offerings, we have a program for you.


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Welcome to General Telecom Institute Website

The information revolutionary has shaped the world in a digitally unified culture. To get the advantage of the info society or contribute to, it should be dealt with the info & telecoms technology in high sufficiency. Hence, the social organizations and the countries including Yemen seek for harnessing the potentials and providing necessary equipment to qualify and train the society members to use the most up-to-date technologies, competencies and training methods. The fact that the General Telecoms Institute GTI is a key supporter to development. GTI has been facilitated with modern educational and training means that appropriates the requirements of the current and the future needs so as for GTI to be responsible for accomplishing capably the mission directed to the generation of the digital culture.

In additions, GTI has confirmed its excellence through the holding of several agreements of twining with similar international and regional institutions in order to benefit from their expertise and update the training curriculums.

GTI occupies the top rank in Yemen in the field of training & qualification depending on fulfilling the international Criteria of excellence.



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